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Graphic Design Trends of 2017

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Branding, Design Advice, Graphic Design, Uncategorized |

Like most things on the internet, graphic design never stays the same. There are always a few changes as time goes by, resulting in new trends to materialise every year. And a good graphic designer must be able to embrace and adopt the trends.

Should you, a website owner, follow the trends? It won’t hurt to do so because design trends are often influenced by technology, media, and usability, which refers to how something fits or used with ease. It is common knowledge that a good website has to be easy to use, bringing emphasis to usability.

So what website design trends can you expect this 2017?

Semi flat design

From the flat design that was popular in 2016, comes a transition that adds more dimension without destroying the flat design feeling. Light shadows and smooth shading were added to create depth and complexity. The improvements complement new developing technologies that have also evolved from a minimalist style.

More 3D

A complete opposite of the flat and semi-flat design, 3D gives you objects with tactile qualities. With the VR/AR Revolution picking up momentum rapidly, expect graphic design to be influenced by this growing trend. It will also impact all designs fields, so you will surely see more of 3D this year.


Not to be confused with regular GIFs, cinemagraphs are still images with minor moving elements added to them to bring them to life and make them more realistic. It’s the passing cab reflected on an image of a cafe window. It’s the smoke coming out of an image of a volcano.


Apart from still images with minor movements, animations will continue to lead the pack, showcasing lots of movements. They can be presented in a web design as GIFs, videos, SVG, or WebGL CSS. It was a popular trend last year and will remain just as widely used this year.

Geometric Shapes, Lines, Circles, and Patterns

What started out as a trend in 2016 will continue to be used in 2017. This means you will see more of modern shapes, patterns, and lines in many website designs. And, why not? Adding shapes, after all, is one of the simplest ways to personalise a website. You can use them flat or with a soft shadow.

Custom graphics and illustrations

Images can leave a good impression on consumers, but you can make a long-lasting impact with the use of custom-made graphics and illustrations. How else can you make your website unique and different from your competition? With that in mind, contact a graphic designer that can provide you with more original images and fewer stock photos.

Use of bold colours

Colours have always had the power to influence shopping behaviour and attract customers. Remember psychology of colour? The only difference for 2017 is that more bold colours will be used to make a statement. Considering that these go well with a material design and flat design, you will definitely see more of a bold and daring palette.

Landing Pages

Because of their potential for marketing purposes, landing pages are predicted to rise in 2017. They present a platform to better target visitors using images or text in a content with marketing intent. Landing pages can be specific to a brand or product, making them exciting to play with.

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