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Get Into London Theatre

by | Sep 24, 2016 |

About the Project
Official London Theatre is the capital’s leading theatre website bringing you closer, taking you backstage and putting you in the spotlight of the exhilarating world of the West End.

Targeting skewed towards families with disposable income and/or couples and/or those between the ages 25-60 and/or those with an interest in going to the theatre – is not gender specific and/or those who have shown interest in similar campaigns.

Subject Line
Book today and save up to 60% on theatre tickets

Get into London Theatre have very clear brand guidelines allowing me to easily design a strong email campaign. The assets that were provided were lovely to work with meaning the finish product looked great. The goals for this campaign was to increase sales and promote the Christmas offer. Research has found that having 2 CTAs (calls to action) above the fold has increased the response in an email campaign – also research has found that having a CTA in the top right corner of a creative also preforms better – I had this in mind when designing the email creative.

Increase sales and Christmas promote offer.