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Heio London

by | Sep 19, 2016 |

About the Project
Heio is a London based brand founded in July 2015. Their bags are inspired by the beautiful singularities of different places in the world and apply them their designs. They appreciate real things – authenticity in its raw state.

Targeting skewed towards females aged 25-50 and/ or those that have a £50,000 household income and/ or those that purchase handbags online and/or those that purchase high-value fashion items online and/or those that have engaged with similar items and similar brands. The geographical region of London.

Subject Line
Heio – Unique bags for the modern woman

As a start-up brand, it is rather difficult to get your name in front of the right audience. I was keen on getting the right look and feel for them while adhering to email marketing best practice. After much research conducted by ourselves and through the DMA we have discovered that the “F” format responds well with the recipients. With this in mind, I created a campaign that would suit the overall branding of HEIO. As the top third of the creative is the most responsive it is important to use at least two CTAs above the fold. As they are an unknown brand I felt it was important to have their logo centralised so the viewer would instantly recognise its importance.

Increase sales and promote brand awareness.