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The Mind Body Soul Experience

by | Aug 26, 2018 |

About the Project

The Mind Body Soul Experience offers a vast array of therapies and products, from aromatherapy to Yoga, and together with lectures, workshops and stage demonstrations, covering complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development, the show is the largest of its type in the UK.


The Mind Body Soul Experience is targeted toward males and females between 18-65  with females being the majority of visitors at the show. However, males are not excluded as the range covered at the MBS event is extensive and caters to almost everyone who shows interested in similar events. MBS is targeted towards those with disposable income, men and women earning 20+ thousand a year, decision makers, also those who have shown interest at similar events.

What I did for The Mind Body Soul Experience :

I started with rebranding the social media for MBS – I came up with the content for the social media such as monthly star sign collage designs, quotes, inspirational words, I also chose stock pictures that would pair up with the branding chosen by myself , I also created the show guide, and rebranded the website, i create newsletters, adverts and HTML5 page turners.


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