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TIME magazine

by | Sep 24, 2016 |

About the Project
Since its founding in 1923, TIME Magazine has been one of the most authoritative and informative guides to what is happening in the worlds of health and science, politics, business, society and entertainment.

Targeting skewed towards male and female aged 24+ with an interest in health and science, politics, business, society and entertainment and/or those who have disposable income and/or those who have showed interest in similar campaigns.

Subject Line
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Time Magazine have very strict brand allowing me to easily design a strong email campaign.
They provided a selection of magazine covers to appear on the design. I decided to create a collage of magazines and use them as a CTA (call to action). Emails tend to follow a very strict formula which can at times hinder the design of a creative. In order for an email to be responsive it is important for the design to be in 12 columns with 20 pixels between each item. This means that certain elements in the design cannot overlap as this can have an effect on the development of the email. When designing this particular creative I had to be extra diligent to ensure that each element was codable!

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