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Behind Every Colour Is an Interesting Meaning

by Aug 30, 2021Colour Theory, Design Advice, Graphic Design, Uncategorized

Colours can be a nonverbal way of communicating. But because its meaning can change from one day to the next, from one culture to another, it can result in a variety of expressions. But if you are familiar with the psychology of colour, taking cues from whatever shade you see is easier.

Colours number by the hundreds. For this reason, we will focus on primary and secondary colours that are predominantly used in website design as well as in creating marketing materials.

Primary Colours

Primary colours are labelled as such because they cannot be created by mixing other colours. They are standalone, a shade in their own right.


Being the colour of blood and fire, red is often associated with passion, love, energy, power, war, and danger. It is a very emotionally intense colour that evokes appetite and strong emotions and increases intensity and passion. 

In business, it is often used to create urgency what with its ability to increase heart rate. Restaurants use it to stimulate appetite, while stores use it to influence impulsive shoppers. This is why it is used as an accent colour, stimulating people to make quick decisions. So if you see a “Buy Now” button on red, you know why. 


As the colour of the sky and the sea, Blue evokes a feeling of calmness, peace, security, and trust. It is also considered a constant in human life because the sky is everywhere. It is the complete opposite of red, curbing appetite rather than stimulating it. Because it increases productivity, despite being considered a “cold” colour, it is often used in offices.

In business, it is used to create a sense of trust in a brand and security. Because of how it’s associated with water, sky, and sea, many related products, such as water purification filters, airlines, and sea voyages, use blue for promotions. 


Yellow is the colour of sun and the sunshine, which is why it represents warmth and cheerfulness. Just like the sun, however, it can also cause strain and fatigue on the eyes and, in some cases, makes babies cry. But on the plus side, it stimulates the nervous system and mental processes and encourages communication.

In business, it is used to grab attention, particularly window shoppers. Because it is associated with youthfulness and optimism, it is used to promote items related to leisure and children’s products.

Secondary colours

These are made by mixing other shades with primary colours. Mixing yellow with blue, for example, creates green. 


Green is nature’s colour and symbolises fertility, freshness, harmony, and growth. It is also associated with money, particularly dark green.

In business, it is used to attract wealthy consumers because of its association with wealth. In stores, a green space is provided for a spot of relaxation. Of course, it’s used to promote green products and to indicate safety when advertising medical products.


Purple is the colour of royalty, luxury, power, and nobility. Many kings in the past wear purple, which is why it is associated with extravagance and wealth. It also relates to ambition and success.

In business, purple represents a wise, imaginative, and creative brand. Many beauty and anti-ageing products use it. 


Orange is the colour of joy, enthusiasm, fascination, and creativity. It can have an invigorating effect and stimulates mental activity. But it also serves as a warning to take caution. 

In business, it is used to catch attention and highlight a design’s most important element because of its high visibility. Used on a brand, it conveys confidence, friendliness, and cheerfulness. 

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