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Seatrade ShipTech

Seatrade ShipTech

About Seatrade ShipTech

Seatrade ShipTech is a two-day conference that explores the regional maritime market’s impact on technology innovation, regulatory change, and operational efficiency requirements. The conference was refocused for the online Maritime series, and it provided insight into technology and the shipping business.

ShipTech Holding Slides For Live Event

Seatrade ShipTech is usually a two-day conference but was refocused for the Maritime Online Series which is a month-long series of Virtual events and content that bring the maritime industry together online to network, do business and share knowledge.


Seatrade ShipTech was originally planned as a two-day conference in London and Dubai, and it was designed accordingly. However, as the pandemic hit the world and events were forced to close one by one, I was tasked with turning Seatrade ShipTech into an online series. Over the course of the month-long series, there were three topics, so I chose to break each one down into three vivid gradients so that you could understand how they were all different but all part of the same brand. I wanted to keep the design minimal so that the content could take centre stage. I made the three triangles by alternating the gradient’s orientation so that there would be distinct lines between them.

ShipTech MPUs For Live Event
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