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What to name your design blog?

by Apr 21, 2021Blogging, Design Advice, Graphic Design, Uncategorized

I’ve recently started up my own portfolio/blog. Trying to name the thing was probably the hardest of things I have come up against so far. I discussed at length with my friends asking for their opinions and literally shouting names for my blog at them…

So how did I come up with AAG.Design for short.

First let me show you the other names I had…

  • Gracey Designs
  • Gracey500Design
  • Grace Newman
  • Vibrant Designs
  • NewmanDesigns
  • Gracey.Dee
  • NewManOldWoman
  • Grog!
  • Glog
  • Grrrrlog
  • Graaalog
  • Graace
  • BadNews
  • Designs by a Newman
  • NewmanDesigns – Seeing life through a new man
  • What words do I live by? – Wwdwilb
  • GraceNewmanDesigns – Seeing life through new eyes!
  • WhatAboutGrace.Design
  • AllAboutMe
  • – AAG.Design

So as you can see I went through a few ideas (plus a few more but they were truly terrible). Speaking with my friend he suggested I think of four words that I would use to describe myself. I can’t remember all the words I came up with but I did come up with Vibrant Design, I liked it but it didn’t feel right. However, it might work for you so give it a go – Come up with four words that you feel describes you – although this didn’t work for me, it did help as it is what kick started me into investing further into the idea of me starting up my own blog.

The next thing I did was look at using my own name Grace Newman (a lot of bloggers do this) however, I felt my name was a bit boring, flat and hardly inspiring. I did try a few combinations though. I would have used Gracey500 as I use this for my social media – it’s my Instagram, twitter, Facebook, YouTube, & snapchat username so I have really invested in that over the years – and although it is the first thing I use when joining a new social media, I wanted something a little different, something new.

So I found myself at a cross roads! NewManOldWoman Design wasn’t going to cut it! So I decided to use a blog name generator – Literally, I googled blog name generator. You can imagine what I came across but I used this – Cool Name Ideas All you have to do is select what field your blog is going to be in. So I selected Design – Graphic Design – Web Design and it said to use a buzz word or a word that you definitely wanted in your title so I wrote in random words such as vibrant, newman, beautiful, and a few others just for fun. I then wrote in my name – Grace and went through the list – there are a lot on there but eventually I came across AllGraceRant, AllGraceBlog and a few more down there was AboutGraceWork and finally I started to play around with AllAboutGrace and I was like yes, I like that. I really felt it captured what I needed it to, this is my portfolio, it showcases my work so I went on to see if the domain name was available – I was going to purchase or but there was an offer on for .design! I was like BOOM! That is the one! and so there you have it – AllAboutGrace.Design

This is how I ended up with the name for my portfolio/blog and I hope me describing the process I went through will help you with yours.

Thanks for reading and take it easy! Don’t forget to follow me on twitter, instagram and Linked in. If you have any questions please get in touch via the contact form – Gracey xoxo