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How to Design with Your Audience in Mind

by Sep 17, 2021Branding, Design Advice, Graphic Design, Uncategorized, Web Design


If you are an aspiring business entrepreneur looking to create a name for your product or service, you very well know the importance of being ahead of your competitors. With the Internet completely changing the way we shop, communicate and live our lives, creating an online presence should be part of your marketing strategy. This includes creating a website to reach out to your target market and convince your audience to buy what you sell, whether it be a product of service.

To give you an idea, here are some important pointers to design a website for your intended audience:

  1. Know who your audience is.

Designing a website is comparable to creating a menu for a restaurant. You need to know who you will be serving your food to. It’s important to know the age, gender and preference of your targeted audience. A big part of this step is research. Learn about what makes them tick and what doesn’t. You can get information from chat forums, social media and surveys. Once you have the data you need about your audience, it will be easier to make decisions on the type of website design and layout you will need.

  1. Come up with a responsive design.

With the aim to reach a broader audience, you would want your potential customers to learn about your business when the opportunity permits and wherever they may be. Since people nowadays are always using several devices to open websites, from tablets to laptops, your website should go very well with any screen size. With a responsive design, content and images will be readable and clear to your viewers.

  1. Think like your audience.

When you are designing a website, picture yourself as one of your potential clients. Observe how you browse a website. What would you like to see, what will make you read on and browse other pages, what will make you immediately hit the “Exit” button? These observations will help with the design.

  1. Include relevant and fresh content.

The phrase “Content is King” is still very much alive in SEO. It keeps your audience informed not only about what you are trying to sell, but also, it educates them about certain topics that are relevant to what they are looking for. You can also create a blog that links to the website or include a blog page where you can write about tips and other interesting topics. But more importantly, create a design that will complement your content and make it shine.

  1. Make your audience part of your website.

You can also incorporate games and include a feedback section on your page to keep your visitors entertained and make them feel you care about what they need to say. An interactive website will keep visitors coming back to check for news and new information, among others.

  1. Choose your colour scheme carefully.

Colours have a major impact on your website and should be chosen with utmost care. Your choice of colours will affect the mood and the decision making of your audience. As much as possible stick with lesser colours, say, two predominant ones. This will useful for brand recall and for your audience to get familiar with your brand.

With these pointers in mind, you can come up with an effective web design for your site. If you cannot do it yourself, a professional web designer can help you with your website.

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